Resettlement and Livelihood Restoration System

The Malawi Transport and Land Compact consists of three projects (1) Accelerated Growth Corridor (AGC) Project, (2) Increased Land Productivity Project, (3) American Catalyst Facility for Development (ACFD) Project. The compact aims to reduce transportation costs in targeted rural areas and improve land services. The focus of this contract is the AGC Project which includes target road infrastructure upgrades.

The AGC Project includes two Activities: Road Corridor Improvement Activity and the Policy and Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Activity. AECOM services are for the Road Corridor Improvement Activity.

  • Road Corridor Improvement (“RCI”) Activity

    This Activity aims to target investment in physical upgrades and improvements across different classes of roads within four selected Accelerated Growth Corridors (“AGCs”) to improve rural access by addressing road conditions and reducing transport costs. A “Corridor” is an area served by road transport infrastructure, facilitating obtaining of agricultural inputs, and enabling access to markets. A “Focal Point” is an existing or potential point within the area of the Corridor that is the focus of agricultural activity including aggregation of produce for collection by traders, a depot for agricultural inputs, other agribusiness, or agro-processing facilities.
  • Corridor Road Works Sub-Activity

    This Sub-Activity aims to improve farmers’ access to agricultural inputs and markets by improving the main road sections in specific Corridors. MCC Funding shall be used to upgrade the surface conditions of specific roads in a Corridor (“Corridor Roads”) to a paved road standard.
The corridors:
  • Corridor ML (5)

    Corridor Road Mkanda-Linga (ML-5) lies in Mchinji and Kasungu Districts. The Corridor Road S118 starts approximately 4.5 km from the end of the existing paved section of the S118 road near Mkanda Trading Centre in Mchinji District. The 4.5 km section is being upgraded by the Roads Authority under a separate contract (Mkanda - Kipiri). The unpaved part of the Corridor Road ends at the junction with the S114 at Mwase in Kasungu District, about 8 km from Kasungu. The paved section of S114 from Mwase to Kasungu is considered part of the Corridor and will receive periodic maintenance under the project.
  • Corridor CE (15)

    Corridor Road Chikwawa-Euthini (CE-15) is in Mzimba and Rumphi Districts. The Corridor Road comprises sections of the M09 and the S109. It starts at Euthini and proceeds northwards, following the M9 to M09/S109 junction, whereafter it follows the S109. It ends at Chikwawa in Rumphi where the S109 joins the M24. The section of road from Chikwawa to Rumphi (10 km) is considered part of the Corridor and will receive periodic maintenance under the project.
  • Corridor CL (9A)

    Corridor Road Chileka-Likuni (CL-9A) is in Lilongwe District. The Corridor Road is in two segments: T345 and S124. T345 starts from junction with M12 road near Chileka Trading Centre and ends at junction with S124 at Malingunde near Kamuzu Dam. The S124 starts at the junction with the T345 and ends at the paved section of S124 at Likuni near Lilongwe City.
  • Corridor CM (10)

    Corridor Road Chamtulo-Mkutumula (CM-10) is in Mangochi and Ntcheu Districts. The Corridor Road includes parts of T381, T383 and T385. It starts at Chantulo in Mangochi District where the T381 joins the M10. It continues along T383 and T385 and ends at a junction with the M05 in Ntcheu District. The last 2 km from Mkutumula to the M05 is paved. M05 and M10 are paved roads.